Quist makes it official: He’s running for Congress in the 1st District

Former state Rep. Allen Quist, who now farms in St. Peter, makes it official: He’s challenging Congressman Tim Walz in the 1st District.

His announcement said: “If people like what Congress is doing, they should vote for the incumbent. But if they believe, as I do, that Congress is headed in the wrong direction, then I will be the alternative.”

Although he’d vowed to give up running for office after losing the 1998 Republican endorsement to Norm Coleman, Quist said three bills now in Congress made him get back in the ring: the $787 billion stimulus bill, cap and trade, and the health care bill.

“Representative Walz has been on the wrong side of all three,” Quist said.

Walz is in his second term representing the southeastern Minnesota district.

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