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Mark Dayton, the millionaire self-funding former senator, now seeking $1 donations for gov campaign

Mark Dayton is perhaps best known as a rich politician who pours millions into his own campaigns and therefore isn’t beholden to special interests. So why a new strategy in which he asks supporters to contribute $1 each to his campaign for governor?

The former U.S. senator put $12 million of his own money into his 2000 campaign, says MPR’s Polinaut, and now has sent this e-mail to supporters asking them to pass a buck:

December is “A Dollar for Dayton” month! I’m asking you to please contribute One Dollar to my campaign.

Why a dollar? Because it’s something everyone can do, even during these hard economic times. And because dollars, like votes, add up!

Every dollar helps our campaign to spread our message throughout Minnesota. Your dollar officially registers you as a Member of “Team Dayton” (if you’re not already). There you will find other ways to get involved in our campaign and make a difference for Minnesota.

Please contribute your dollar NOW! (And ask five of your friends to do the same). THANK YOU for your support. I promise that, together, we will build A Better Minnesota!

Wishing you a joyful holiday month!

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Comments (3)

  1. Submitted by Jeff Goldenberg on 12/02/2009 - 12:03 pm.

    Recent conversation heard at Dayton for Governor HQ:

    What kind of man-bites-dog angle can we manufacture to get a media blip from a lazy journalist before things heat up?

    Senator Dayton is loaded and he hates putting the lean on people for real money. Let’s write a press release saying we are asking people for a dollar, couch it in feel good grassroots double-speak and see what happens.

    Great idea!

  2. Submitted by Arito Moerair on 12/02/2009 - 01:12 pm.

    With any luck, this no-show will disappear from the race quickly. He had already proved during his unremarkable time in the senate that he is not a leader. Furthermore, he’s not a charismatic politician, and he probably couldn’t win the race even if there wasn’t an IP spoiler.

    Sorry, but Mark Dayton is not the solution to Minnesota’s problems.

  3. Submitted by Colleen Morse on 01/02/2010 - 05:00 pm.

    Charismatic? Why on earth would you want a charismatic governor? Do we really want a Joe Girard of politics running Minnesota? I’d rather have a governor who is honest, has integrity and has decades of government experience. You better take a look here to see why lots of people are voting for Mark Dayton:

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