Michele Bachmann to speak at Monday rally for Pawlenty’s spending amendment

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has been confirmed as a speaker at Monday’s rally in support of a proposed state constitutional amendment that would limit state spending to the amount received in the previous budget period.

Gov. Tim Pawleny proposed the amendment in November, and said:

“We should let Minnesotans decide if government should live within actual revenues collected instead of predictions. Doing so would force government to live within its means and stop the seemingly unending desire for more programs and more spending that put pressure on taxpayers’ wallets.”

Also scheduled to speak at the rally are state Rep. Paul Kohls, state Sen. Amy Koch, Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Tony Sutton and Deputy Chairman Michael Brodkorb.

The event at the Capitol is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. That should give participants plenty of time to get to the Mall of America for Sarah Palin’s 1 p.m. book appearance.

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