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More schools going to four-day weeks, and that’s not counting snow days

 Saving money is the goal for a handful of Minnesota school districts who have switched to four-day weeks for students and teachers.

MPR looks at how the districts believe they are saving money, and making some students happy:

“Mondays are great; good time to just sleep and lay around,” said Michael Dexter, a junior from Blackduck. “The three-day weekend is great.”

In Blackduck, they add an hour to the end of the remaining four days to get a decent-sized school week.

In Warroad, the kids stay home on Fridays.

Most of the districts trying the condensed week say it’s too early to tell how much they’re saving, and until the standardized tests are done later in the year they’re not sure how it’s affecting academics.

But with tight budgets the norm, other districts are considering making the change, too.

Said MPR:

Rochester considered four days last year but decided against it. But small districts in the towns of Clearbrook and Isle are considering it for next year. The Cook County school district in Grand Marais is studying a switch for 2011.

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  1. Submitted by dan buechler on 12/22/2009 - 02:09 pm.

    This does not prepare students well for the workforce, it might prepare them for college but that is only 18 months on average not 40+ years.

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