Two Minnesota legislators at Copenhagen summit urge U.S. support for new energy technology

The two Minnesota House members at the Copenhagen Climate Conference are among a group of young U.S. elected officials who issued a statement to the U.S. delegation today, calling for President Obama and Congress to secure a strong agreement that will grow clean energy jobs and address climate change.

State Reps. Kate Knuth and Jeremy Kalin, who are members of CLEAN (Coalition of Legislators for Energy Action Now), are at the conference and are part of the group that issued this statement:

“We, young elected officials of the United States, believe freedom, independence, and self sufficiency are at the heart of America, and should be at the heart of our strategy for energy independence in the 21st Century.

As elected representatives with a personal stake in our future, we believe it’s time for a bold, new vision for America’s future. We call on Congress to start investing in new, safe energy technologies like wind and solar power that will rebuild our manufacturing base, create jobs, and grow our economy. We need to put millions of Americans back to work refitting our homes and buildings for energy efficiency with jobs that can’t be shipped overseas.

The United States can lead once again by forging a bold, binding, and just agreement in Copenhagen that will secure a safe and abundant world for future generations of Americans.”

Said Kalin, 34, a DFLer from North Branch:

“While the rest of the economy is struggling, clean energy jobs are a real bright spot. Action in Copenhagen and in Congress is critical to scale up the job opportunities.” He’s chair of CLEAN, a group of energy leaders from more than 40 states working with the White House on federal clean-energy jobs legislation.

Knuth, 26, a DFLer from New Brighton, said: “The world is looking to the United States to lead again on climate solutions.” She’s attending the conference as a policy mentor to a youth delegation from
the Will Steger Foundation.

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Comments (2)

  1. Submitted by Mike Wyatt on 12/14/2009 - 03:46 pm.

    Is this “bold new vision for America” like the one exemplified in NY state? 160 PRISONERS are producing solar panels at $0.21/hr while the company laid off 80 of its private sector workers. More “public/private partnership” at work. Why train and hire workers for the “green economy” when the prison systems can provide the “employees” to the employers much more cheaply?

  2. Submitted by Bernice Vetsch on 12/15/2009 - 01:27 pm.

    Mr. Wyatt: You seem to have zeroed in on one lonely program instead of seeing that what we need is an entirely new economy to replace the fossil-fuel economy now causing such damage to the world.

    These two legislators are to be highly praised for their work.

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