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State Rep. Jeremy Kalin leads national effort on clean energy jobs

State Rep.

State Rep. Jeremy Kalin, a DFLer from North Branch, is a leader in a coalition of legislators from around the country that is pushing Congress to pass clean-energy jobs legislation.

Dozens of Minnesota legislators are among 1,198 state legislators from 49 states who signed a letter sent to U.S. senators asking for urgent action on the bill.

The group, the Coalition of Legislators for Energy Action Now (CLEAN), is working with the White House to get the legislation passed. They say it will:

  • Strengthen America’s national security by cutting dependence on
    foreign oil;
  • Grow jobs and economic opportunity to every state in the nation; and
  • Protect the environment by major reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Kalin is quoted in the group’s announcement, saying:

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“Until now, states have been carrying the torch on clean energy reform,” said state Rep. Jeremy Kalin (D -Minnesota), the chair of CLEAN. “State legislators have led the way on growing clean energy jobs and addressing climate change. Our ‘Made-in-America’ clean energy solutions are the key to our economic prosperity and national security. It’s time for Congress to pick up the torch and lead America into the 21st-century clean energy economy.”