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With 53 percent support, first-ballot results point toward Emmer victory

After the first ballot, Emmer had 1,076 votes, to Seifert’s 865.
MinnPost photo by Terry Gydesen
After the first ballot, Emmer had 1,076 votes, to Seifert’s 865.

After the first ballot, it appears as if Tom Emmer is headed to endorsement.

Needing about 1,200 votes for 60 percent endorsement, Emmer had 1,076 votes, to Seifert’s 865. That means 53 percent went for Emmer on the first ballot., with nearly 43 percent for Seifert.

There were rumblings that Marty Seifert, who had expected to be in a neck-and-neck race, would throw in the towel facing such a margin.

The roll call vote on the first ballot began at about 2:20, amid considerable anticipation in the convention hall. Despite requests from the podium that there be no cheers during the reporting of the votes, there were times the delegates couldn’t contain themselves.

But slowly, and unsteadily, the results of the first ballot were read aloud.

The organizational units from the 1st Congressional District were up first: The final tally from the largely rural district showed Seifert with 161 votes, 77 for Emmer. Results from the 3rd District, suburban and rural, ended with Emmer winning that one 166-83. Up next, the 2nd District: Emmer 196, Seifert 101. The 4th District: Emmer 98, Seifert 65. The 5th District: 92 Emmer, 33 Seifert. The 6th District, Emmer’s home district: Emmer 250, Seifert 111. the 8th District: Seifert 138, Emmer 95. And the 7th District, Seifert’s home district: 53-43.

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  1. Submitted by Thomas Swift on 04/30/2010 - 04:13 pm.

    Its fun to watch the making of a Governor, but Tom is going to have to really put his nose to the grindstone once he is sworn in.

    In addition to the dire financial position the state of Minnnesota is in, Tom will have to deal with the fall out of the machinations and ill considered legislation the Democrat congress will leave behind when it is replaced.

    Still, Tom is a highly principled and capable fellow so there is reason for optimism.

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