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‘Buzz killer’ Leslie Davis attacks both Emmer and Seifert

After Emmer’s fireworks, Leslie Davis, the environmental activist who became a rather unusual GOP gubernatorial candidate, knocked the buzz out of the convention hall, attacking both Emmer and Seifert, saying if either is elected governor, they will deliver the state “unparalleled misery.”

The delegates who didn’t head to the restrooms and lunch counters treated Davis with courtesy, even applauding when he mentioned that he’s been a longtime foe of abortion. Incredibly, Davis wasn’t booed, not even when he attacked Emmer and Seifert on their positions on cutting environmental regulations as a way to improve the business climate.

“They think it’s best to leave the protection of our environment in the hands of our polluters,” Davis said.

But no matter what he said, he couldn’t get a rise out of the Republicans, who were eager to get about the business of gubernatorial endorsement.

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