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Gov. Pawlenty visits new Hutchinson company that builds cranes for nuclear power plants

Gov. Tim Pawlenty was in Hutchinson, Minn., Wednesday to visit a new company that makes cranes for nuclear power plants.

The NuCrane Manufacturing plant, on Hwy. 7 on the west end of Hutchinson, will employ 50 people within five years, according to the Hutchinson Leader. Partners in the venture are Hutchinson Manufacturing and PaR Nuclear, a Shoreview-based subsidiary of Westinghouse Inc.

The paper noted that company officials urged the governor to support the lifting of Minnesota’s moratorian on further development of nuclear power plants. Pawlenty was receptive.

“We think Minnesota should be open to more nuclear expansion,” the governor said.

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  1. Submitted by James Hamilton on 04/01/2010 - 06:48 pm.

    We still have the same problem we had when we put the moratorium in place: no long term disposal plan. If people want a nuclear power option, then let’s get it together and agree on where we’re going to dispose of the waste.

    Northeastern Minnesota has been suggested as a geologically stable area, potentially suitable for burial at extreme depths (2+ miles). If we aren’t willing to dispose of the waste here, why should anyone else take it?

    So, no. Let’s not lift the moratorium. Let’s get serious about a disposal site.

  2. Submitted by Leslie Davis on 04/02/2010 - 11:17 am.

    Pawlenty is wrong on nukes, wrong on IraAfghanisatan and wrong on the budget.
    On 4/1 the Pioneer Press quoted Pawlenty as saying, “Obama made the “right call” by ordering the U.S. troop surge in Afghanistan.”
    Afghanistan is a guerilla war that can’t be won. To squander blood and treaure on a surge demonstrates Pawlenty’s inability to be a leader and convinces me more and more that Obama is challenging the worst presidents in our history.

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