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Marty Seifert woos delegates with attacks on DFL, electability in November

The real business of this convention began shortly after noon, when Marty Seifert, the representative from Marshall, stepped to the podium to make one last pitch to state Republicans.

Seifert was introduced by Phil Krinkie, a former legislator and head of the conservative Taxpayers of Minnesota. Krinkie’s endorsement was treated as “a news flash” by the Seifert campaign. Bill Cooper also introduced Seifert, “not because he’s a conservative, but a radical conservative.”

In his speech, Seifert “thanked Matt Entenza and Mark Dayton for keeping the DFL-endorsed candidate busy for the next three months while she wastes time and money trying to win a primary. Thank you, Matt and Mark!’’

Seifert’s speech was tight, maybe 12 minutes or so. But the point that drew the biggest roar of approval from his supporters — and perhaps the crowd at large — was this: “I am the only candidate that beats every single Democrat in recent polling. Fellow Republicans, it’s not just about winning today. We must win in November.”

He never mentioned his opponent, instead making constant references to the DFL.

“Sending the liberal Democrats into the state treasury is like sending Bill Clinton into a spring break beach party — there’s just too many opportunities for the wrong thing to happen.”

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