Klobuchar calls Iran meeting of hikers and moms ‘an encouraging sign’

Sen. Amy Klobuchar called today’s Tehran meeting between the three U.S. hikers and their mothers “an encouraging sign” and “good-faith gesture.”

The three — Minnesotan Shane Bauer and his companions Sarah Shourd and Josh Fattal — have been held by Iran’s government since last July, after allegedly crossing an unmarked border into Iran from Iraq’s Kurdistan region.

Here’s  coverage of the meeting from the Christian Science Monitor.

Klobuchar issued this statement:

“It’s an encouraging sign that the Iranian government finally allowed these mothers to speak face-to-face with their children today. As a mother, I understand how much of a relief it is for them to get to see Shane, Sarah, and Josh for the first time in 10 months.

 Today’s meeting was a good-faith gesture. I strongly urge the Iranian government to let these Americans come home and be reunited with their families. Releasing these young Americans is not a political issue or a security issue – it is a humanitarian issue.”

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