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St. Paul offers energy efficiency funding for homes and nonprofits

Funds for energy improvements are now available in St. Paul for homeowners, apartment owners and nonprofit organizations and neighborhood and business associations. 

The city has $500,000 fto make no-interest loans of up to $6,500 to homeowners for energy-saving improvements to their homes. Those can include furnace replacement, insulation and air sealing. An energy audit will identify the greatest need.

“Before you install solar panels or even new windows, you want to be sure that you have an energy-efficient furnace, adequate insulation and that air leaks in walls and around windows are sealed,” said Chris Duffrin, executive director of Neighborhood Energy Connection.

All city homeowners can apply, but incomes will affect the loan amounts and other initiative requirements.

The program also will provide 10 $200 rebates to owners of apartment buildings who replace old refrigerators with efficient ones.

And the city has federal stimulus money available to offer $5,000 grants available to nonprofit organizations and neighborhood and business associations for green efforts that promote certain successful cost-effective energy efficiency and conservation programs.

“These.grants, along with the Energy Smart Homes initiative, will provide the tools necessary to improve building efficiency, lower energy costs, and protect our environment, furthering St. Paul as a national leader in environmental sustainability," said St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman.

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