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Despite Juicy Lucys and the Cuban, PETA rates Target Field vegetarian friendly

Much of the praise for the food at the new Twins Stadium has been targeted to the hearty, meaty, Kent-Hrbek-kinds of offerings — the Juicy Lucy burger, the ham, pork and cheese in Tony Oliva's savory Cuban sandwich, the expensive and bloody Murray's steak on a roll.

But it turns out the vegetarians in the crowd should be crowing, too.

PETA — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — has declared that Target Field is tied for 10th in its annual ranking of the Top 10 Vegetarian-Friendly Ballparks.

Says the group:

"With vegan pitcher Pat Neshek on the road back to Minneapolis, Kirby the Kestrel on the foul pole, and great vegetarian fare on the menu, the new Target Field is quite the animal-friendly place," says PETA Director Dan Shannon. "With so many meat-free meal options available to them, Twins fans can look forward to slashing their risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes for many seasons to come."

Twins PR guy Kevin Smith says that was always the plan:

"The Twins, along with our food and beverage concessionaire Delaware North Sportservice, spent a lot of time researching all the offerings that would eventually end up at Target Field. Guests who prefer great vegetarian fare were certainly part of that effort," he said.

Of course, they count peanuts, popcorn, Cracker Jack and pretzels in the vegetarian portion of the menu.

A list of the Twins alternate fare includes:

Vegetarian Options

  • Veggie Dog - Sections 114, 305
  • Veggie Burger - Sections 109, 305
  • Cheese Pizza - Sections 122, 319
  • Veggie Burrito - Sections 105, 305
  • Veggie Stir Fry - Section 110
  • Veggie Kabobs - Section 133
  • Fruit Kabobs - Section 133
  • Veggie Taco - Sections 105, 305
  • Nacho Chips & Cheese - Sections 105, 305
  • French Fries - available throughout Target Field
  • Soft Pretzels - available throughout Target Field
  • Popcorn - available throughout Target Field
  • Peanuts - available throughout Target Field
  • Cracker Jacks - available throughout Target Field
  • Lemon Chill - available throughout Target Field
  • Fruichi Smoothies - Vended in the stands

And they have gluten-free fare, too:

  • Angie's Kettle Corn - Sold on Target Plaza and vended in the stands
  • Farmers market - Section 141
  • Veggie Kabobs - Section 133
  • Shrimp Skewers - Section 133
  • Turkey Leg - Sections 133,311
  • Pork Chop on a stick - Section 133
  • Fruichi Smoothies - Vended in the stands
  • Talenti Gelato - Sections 141, 302
  • Red Bridge Beer - Sections 116, 124, 325
  • Bunless Grilled chicken - available throughout Target Field
  • Bunless Hot Dogs - available throughout Target Field

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Comments (1)

Hey, thanks for posting this guide to veggie food at Target Field! I've been there a few times already and even though I scanned the park at least once, I missed a lot of these options. This list is really appreciated.