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Abortions in Minnesota fell 4 percent in 2009, state reports

Abortions in Minnesota fell 4 percent in 2009 from the previous year, according to the state Department of Health.

Its report, available in PDF form from the department's website, shows there were 12,388 abortions performed around the state in 2009, down from 12,948 in 2008.

MCCL — Minnesota Citizens Concern for Life — said the number is the lowest in Minnesota in 34 years and credited pro-life efforts to help pregnant girls and women.

Laurie Casey, executive director of the Women’s Health Center in Duluth, told the Duluth News Tribune that the overall decrease in abortions could be because there are fewer women in the 18- to 26-year-old demographic, the age group most likely to obtain abortions. She also noted increased access to birth control, including the so-called “morning-after pill,” which is available over the counter to women 17 and older.

Some statistics from the report:

Planned Parenthood performed 3,996 abortions in 2009 — the most of the seven institutional providers and 37 independent physicians reporting. More than half of the women getting the procedure were between ages 20 and29, the report says.

The number of girls under 18 getting abortions dropped 10 percent, to 579.

Abortions for married women: 1,778; unmarried women: 10,395. Marital status was not listed in 215 cases.

Reasons given for abortion (more than one reason may have been given):

  • Rape, 58
  • Incest, 17
  • Economic reasons, 3,886
  • Don't want children at this time, 7,881
  • Emotional health is at stake, 615
  • Physical health is at stake, 487
  • Continued pregnancy will cause impairment of major bodily function,42
  • Fetal anomalies, 160
  • Unknown or refused to answer, 2,161.

In 10 of the 12,388 cases, there were complications at the time of the procedure, including lacerations or excessive bleeding. There were 79 post-operative complications reported, including 12 cases where the fetus remained alive.

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"There were 79 post-operative complications reported, including 12 cases where the fetus remained alive."

"post-operative complications"

God Almighty, what have we become?