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Proposed wind farm in Mower County gets favorable response at Austin meeting

A proposed wind farm in Mower County got mostly positive responses Thursday at a public meeting in Austin, reports the Austin Daily Herald.

About 75 people met to hear about a 300-megawatt wind farm of 130 to 200 turbines proposed for 70,000 acres — almost all in Mower County.

Those in favor talked about an increased tax base and more jobs, as well as the importance of clean energy.

Some, though, worried about the size of the turbines, how they'd affect nearby properties and where the generated energy will ultimately be used.

A MinnPost story last month discussed the state's  wind energy future, with the state continuing to move closer to its requirement of having 25 percent of its energy generated by wind power by 2025.

But there are worries about the size and scope of the wind farms and about the giant power lines needed to transmit the power around the state.

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Comments (2)

investments in wind energy is a waste of money that could be spent in better ways. wind energy is very expensive and unreliable. our electrical grid would need to be completely rebuilt at enormaous cost to allow wind energy to be used.

t.boone pickins spent millions of his own dollars to build large wind farm in texas. recently he discovered that without large government subsidies that wind energy was not viable. he is sellin his wind farm. if you call him, i am sure he will give you a REAL GOOD DEAL ON HIS USED WINDMILLS.