Candidates talk of gun views at Game Fair

Appropriately enough at a game fair, the candidates for governor talked about guns on Saturday.

The Star Tribune’s Hot Dish Politics blog covered the appearances at the hunting and fishing expo in Anoka and learned a bit about who’s packing:

“I have two loaded .357 Magnum pistols in my home right now in a lock box,” DFL candidate Mark Dayton told a crowd gathered Saturday at Game Fair, a hunting and fishing expo in Anoka. “I have a 9mm pistol at home. I have a twelve-gauge shotgun at home.”

Republican Tom Emmer remarked that he scheduled his classes in college around his hunting schedule and that his daughter just returned from a week at gun camp. “She did take a scope in the face with a 30-aught-six,” Emmer said. “And she still looks pretty good.”

Independence Party candidate Tom Horner was there, too, but wasn’t mentioned in the section on guns. So I asked his campaign this morning about the candidate’s feelings about guns and got this reply:

“Independence Party candidate for governor Tom Horner does not own a gun. Tom believes Minnesotans should have the right to keep and bear arms. Hunters should be able to hunt and families should be able to protect themselves. The current laws regarding firearms should not change.”

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