Financial reports from Senate District 67’s DFL free-for-all

With nine candidates running in the DFL primary for the chance to fill Sen. Mee Moua’s open seat, it seemed worthwhile to look at the campaign finance reports filed in the race at the end of last month.

Moua surprised DFL leaders with her announcement in May that she wouldn’t seek re-election after she’d already been endorsed by the party. It was too late, party leaders decided, to hold another endorsing convention so the nomination was thrown up for grabs in the wide-open primary.

Leading in fundraising is Chai Lee, who works in St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman’s office. In a story on the race last week, I had not listed him on a list of four likely leaders.

John Harrington, who’s received much media attention because he jumped in the race after stepping down as St. Paul police chief, is fifth in fundraising.

  •  Chai Lee — $19,044
  •  Foung Hawj (Heu) — $14,732
  •  Avi Viswanathan — $10,485
  •  Cha Yang — $10,150, including a $4,000 personal loan
  •  John M. Harrington — $7,997
  •  Vang T. Lor — $7,521
  •  Trayshana Thomas — $3,918
  •  Jim McGowan — $3,775, including $600 in donations from himself and a $2,000 personal loan
  •  Tom Hilber— $335, including a $240 personal loan.

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