Horner says he’s pro-business, wants MN Forward support

Independence Party candidate for governor Tom Horner thinks he should get some of that funding from MN Forward that everyone’s talking about.

That’s the pro-business group that got $150,000 from Target, leading to boycotts and apologies, and even endorsed three DFL candidates for the Legislature, saying they’ll help the state grow jobs.

In an open letter today to Brian McClung, director of MN Forward, Horner says that he’s pro-business, too:

“In fact, I think I am the MOST pro-business candidate in this year’s gubernatorial race. Of course, maybe we define pro-business a bit differently. I think a pro-business candidate is one who supports an economic environment in which start-up businesses can flourish, well-paying jobs are being created in the private sector, and Minnesota is seen as a great place for all businesses — those already here and those we want to attract — because it’s a great place to live.”

Then he lists his pro-business agenda:

  • Balance the budget.
  • Reform a tax system.
  • Invest in Minnesota’s future — schools, health and infrastructure.
  • Make applied and basic research at the University of Minnesota and our other institutions of higher learning a state priority.
  • Streamline the regulatory and permitting process.
  • Attract the best talent pool in the nation.

But, of course, MN Forward is already backing another Tom who’s running for governor — Republican-endorsed candidate Tom Emmer.

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  1. Submitted by Eric Schubert on 08/06/2010 - 11:14 am.

    Minnesota Forward should hit Rewind.

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