Primary Day: Entenza throws out the first vote … first five votes?

DFL gubernatorial candidate Matt Entenza meets with the press after voting early today.
MinnPost photo by Jay Weiner
DFL gubernatorial candidate Matt Entenza meets with the press after voting early today.

Accompanied by four presumed supporters — his wife, Lois Quam, and sons Ben, Steve and Will — gubernatorial candidate Matt Entenza strode confidently down St. Paul’s Pierce Street to cast his vote this morning.

Entenza, at about 7:35 a.m., became the first of the DFL hopefuls to fill in the ovals. Endorsed candidate Margaret Anderson Kelliher and Mark Dayton are expected to vote later this morning.

Entenza’s brief walk from his Macalester-Groveland home to the St. Paul Council of Churches polling place on Summit Avenue was the day’s first photo op.

The former House minority leader acknowledged turnout will be low but pointed out his targeted campaigning in Greater Minnesota and among “communities of color” as reasons for optimism. He made no predictions.

As he spoke, the skies above St. Paul’s grand boulevard clouded over. What will that mean for the already expected low turnout?

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  1. Submitted by sam jones on 08/10/2010 - 10:14 am.

    Unfortunately, in the DFL Hmong community, when Matt says in a letter today (Primary Election Day) that we should “begin the next chapter in our journey to take back our state from the Republicans’ failed agenda,” that message rings hollow and smacks of insult to injury.

    Why and how? Matt Entenza has fully embraced the Biggest Hmong Republican in the nation, General Vang Pao, the very “failed” and controversial leader in our community who for years and still today, remains an ardent advocate and major financial contributor of the “failed agenda” of George W. Bush, Tim Pawlenty and Norm Coleman!

    And because Matt Entenza will do and say anything to get elected, and have no shame doing so, he has already lost every credibility and all respect in the Hmong Democratic circle in Minnesota (except of course those few DFLers who were promised some imaginary Entenza administration jobs). Notice that vast majority of hardcore and long time Hmong Democrats with integrity are NOT with Matt Entenza. That’s because they’re not willing to sell out their principles and “face” for some short term political gain.

    For those in the Hmong community who are willing to embrace the politics of destruction, distraction, and shady activities (domestic or foreign) of General Vang Pao and Dr. Yang Dao, an equally polarizing and prominent Hmong Republican…where will you go, and who will you go tomorrow? Follow General Vang Pao to Tom Emmer’s camp? Or publicly announce and distance yourself from Hmong Republicans who have never had the best interests of our community to begin with?

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