Bachmann campaign fires back at Clark, calling today’s event a ‘hypocritical election year stunt’

U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann did not exactly accept the challenge offered up today by Tarryl Clark, but her campaign did respond sharply to what it called Clark’s “hypocritical election year stunt.’’

This morning, Democratic 6th District candidate Clark challenged the GOP congresswoman to cut her pay by 5 percent and reduce her office’s expenses, particularly regarding use of franking privileges.

A few hours after that challenge, the Bachmann staff produced a list of Minnesota legislative actions that it said show that Clark, as a state senator,  supported several actions that would increase the pay of state legislators and their per diems. In some cases, the Bachmann campaign said, Clark was a leader in those moves.

In 2007, the Bachmann campaign said that Clark supported a bill raising legislative per diems from $66 to $96. That bill passed.

The campaign also says that in 2009 Clark opposed a bill that called for legislators to lower their pay by 5 percent. That bill did not pass. Legislators, who are paid $31,000, haven’t had a raise in base salary in years.

“Today Tarryl Clark launched perhaps her most hypocritical attack yet,’’ said Bachmann political adviser Andy Parrish. “While she pulls an election season stunt about cutting legislator pay … she had a real opportunity to cut pay in the legislature and she voted no.’’

Clark says, however, that since 2008, she has acted on her own, taking deep cuts in the amount she draws on per diem, cuts amounting to $13,000 even though they were “painful’’ to the family budget.

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Comments (2)

  1. Submitted by Jon Kingstad on 09/15/2010 - 11:49 pm.

    Notice that Bachmann so far has not mentioned anything about what she’s done in Congress for four years. How’s that lightbulb reform bill for a dazzling display of conservative new solutions to the many problems that are affecting the country. Oh, I forgot. The greatest threat to the country is Sharia Law and the “stealth Muslim” Barack Hussein Obama.

    All of Bachmann’s rhetoric are messaging that Tarryl Clark is a “tax and spend liberal”. I guess Bachmann never bothered to check out the US Constitution which makes Congress the “taxing and spending” branch of the government.

    And talk about hypocritical election year stunts? It’s only hypocritical to Bachmann because all she knows is stunts, election year or not.

  2. Submitted by Eric Larson on 09/17/2010 - 11:29 am.

    I’ve followed Michelle Bachman for years now. I can’t understand why those stupid people in the 6th district don’t do what we in the Cities tell them to do! We’ve used our news, blogs, neighborhood groups in South Minneapolis as formats to lecture them on who they are supposed to vote for. We transplanted one of our own to St. Cloud ( Clark) to run against her. We savaged the good Dr.Reed into quitting. We’ve used our own Mother Theresa (Wetterling) and cast off Ventura people, but nothing seems to get through those thick headed farmers in the 6th district. Can’t we pass a law that allows people from the 4th and 5th district some say on who the rest of the state choses for their representation? This is just embarrassing.

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