Clinton, Biden headed to state to campaign for Mark Dayton

Former President Bill Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden will be coming to Minnesota to campaign for DFL gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton.

Dayton’s campaign announced this morning that Clinton will be here Tuesday, Sept. 14, and Biden will drop in Oct. 5.

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  1. Submitted by Eric Larson on 09/08/2010 - 08:00 pm.

    It’s a little off story line, but here goes. Does anyone else see all the early indications that Sec of State HRC is going to step down after this election. And drum roll please………..She’s running for President in 2012! Bill is laying ground work like crazy this election. Question #1 for bloggers. Will BHO give a LBJ like ” I shall not seek, nor shall I accept……” Speech? Or will we have a Carter-Kennedy 1980 scenerio?

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