GOP beating up on Dems on social media use, study shows

There’s a fascinating report from Headcount, which calls itself a “nonpartisan voter registration organization,” but sure looks a bit more left-leaning than right. Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead is on the Headcount board, for gosh sakes. Can’t get too much more psychedelic than that.

In a release, the organization notes that Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate “have amassed more than four times as many Facebook Fans as their Democratic counterparts, and more than five times as many Twitter Followers … Candidates associated with the Tea Party are clearly responsible for much of the social media activity, most notably South Carolina Republican Senator Jim DeMint . . .  [who] . . .  has more Twitter Followers than any incumbent and more Facebook Fans than any incumbent other than [Arizona Sen. John] McCain.

For the full report, go here.

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