Hearing set for Anderson complaint against State Auditor Otto

An administrative hearing has been set for Thursday in Pat Anderson’s campaign practices complaint against State Auditor Rebecca Otto.

Anderson, the former state auditor who wants her job back, claimed last week that Otto knowingly made misstatements about Anderson’s job performance and removed some data from the state suditor’s website that would show all of the investigations Anderson under took while in office.

Otto has called Anderson’s charges and complaint “political theater” and challenged Anderson to correct any of Otto’s assertions about her.

It’s possible that the hearing could be delayed; Otto’s lawyer, notable DFL-linked David Lillehaug, has another case scheduled at the same time as the Otto-Anderson hearing at 1:30 p.m. Thursday.

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  1. Submitted by Mohammed Ali Bin Shah on 09/28/2010 - 08:49 am.

    Otto has changed her website twice and now all claims about her workload vis a vis Anderson have been removed. If were just “political theater”, than her claims would still be there. As it were, the “assertions” were indefensible, they WERE challenged, and their removal proves that Otto was wrong. I wonder when she will apologize to Pat?

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