Challenger Teresa Collett airs ads in 4th District race

Republican candidate Teresa Collett, who’s running for Congress against entrenched incumbent DFLer Betty McCollum in the 4th District, has prepared two video ads that are now available on YouTube and are running on cable television.

In the first ad, Collett introduces herself and in the second, she goes after McCollum on health care and the economy.

Her campaign manager, Todd Henderson, said there are plans to broadcast the ads more widely but that they aren’t releasing information on when that might happen.

McCollum is seeking a sixth term in the heavily leaning DFL district, which includes St. Paul and Ramsey County.

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Comments (3)

  1. Submitted by Derek Smith on 10/19/2010 - 12:44 pm.

    Betty McCollum is an intellectual lightweight that supports Nancy Pelosi. She has voted with Nancy and her agenda 100%! TARP, bailouts, healthcare reform (now our HC costs are going up because of this), banking regulations, more bailouts etc…she spends money like a drunken sailor, and what does St. Paul have to show for it? Nothing! Any construction she claims came as part of the stimulus is a lie; those have been in the works for years! You can’t just decide to start a construction project overnight; it takes years! In 10 years, she has only passed 1 bill in congress! True; it was the renaming of the New Brighton post office. She also supports Hamas, and not Israel. Lots of info on Betty on internet. Start with this where she doesn’t believe voter fraud exists, yet we know from the reports this summer, there was significant voter fraud during the Franken/Coleman race.

  2. Submitted by James Hamilton on 10/19/2010 - 09:41 pm.

    It’s interesting that a law professor would choose to ignore her academic credentials and emphasize her motherhood in her first campaign ad. Too much like Obama or does she fear being seen as an intellectual?

  3. Submitted by Dallas Pierson on 10/20/2010 - 09:51 pm.

    The link that is broken can be found at

    You can also see forum appearances and townhall Q&A’s at the Yooutube site.

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