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‘Little laryngitis’ silences Mark Dayton for the day

Perhaps the unending series of debates finally has caught up with one of the gubernatorial candidates.

Just eight days from the election, DFL candidate Mark Dayton is taking a day off.  Though he seemed in good spirits — and usual voice — at Sunday night’s debate, Dayton told staffers after the debate he was tired and losing his voice. This morning, campaign spokesperson Katharine Tinucci said, he had “no voice at all.”

“Trying to get him rested for the debate tomorrow — just a little laryngitis,” said Tinucci in an e-mail.

Dayton had been scheduled to appear at a farm rally in Winona County this afternoon.

There also have been a series of reports that Dayton had suffered some sort of head injury Sunday night.

Tinucci described the injury as “a scratch on the head” and didn’t know how it had happened.

The candidates are scheduled to have four more debates/forums  between Tuesday and the end of the campaign. That will raise the total to 30 since the conclusion of the August primaries.

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  1. Submitted by Thomas Swift on 10/25/2010 - 03:17 pm.

    “Laryngitis”? Please.

    Anyone who saw any of Dayton’s appearances this weekend past might well expect to hear he’s suffering from rigor mortis, but laryngitis…not so much.

    Team Dayton is keeping the candidate away from the media, lest he melt down before the election.

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