MN Forward ad strikes at Dayton again; his forces say claims untrue

The business-backed independent-expenditure group MN Forward released its third TV commercial of the gubernatorial campaign aimed at what it calls “DFL gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton’s plans to increase job-killing taxes by $5 billion.”

The ad, featuring unhappy children, began airing statewide this morning and will run for at least 10 days, costing MN Forward and its backers about $350,000, said the group’s director, Brian McClung.
“It’s clear the number one issue in this election is how best to position Minnesota for job growth,” said McClung.  “Mark Dayton’s plan to raise taxes by $5 billion will kill jobs and stop economic growth in its tracks. Dayton claims he’ll only tax high-income earners, but his budget plan is incomplete and even DFL Speaker of the House Margaret Anderson Kelliher has said Dayton’s plan would tax middle-income couples, like a police officer and a nurse.  Adding insult to injury, some of Dayton’s family money is in income tax-free South Dakota.”

The Dayton campaign told the Star Tribune the ad is inaccurate in leaving the impression that the tax increases would affect everyone, rather than high-income earners. MN Forward supporters include: Target, 3M, Best Buy, Hubbard Broadcasting, the Minnesota Beverage Association, the Minnesota Trucking Association, the Insurance Federation of Minnesota, the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce and the Minnesota Business Partnership.

For a complete list of MN Forward contributors, go here (PDF) to Page 4.

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Comments (4)

  1. Submitted by Jeremy Brezovan on 10/05/2010 - 09:29 am.

    Is anyone else tired of pro-Emmer ads that talk to us in a sweet but condescending voice, like we’re a bunch of babies? I find them insulting.

  2. Submitted by Hiram Foster on 10/05/2010 - 10:12 am.

    Looks like MN Forward is backing away from it’s previous support for Tom Emmer. I wonder if that’s Target’s doing.

  3. Submitted by Tony George on 10/05/2010 - 12:32 pm.

    This is the kind of ad you would expect from extreme right-wing companies like Hubbard Broadcasting, Best Buy, and Target stores. It was the Bush tax cuts on the rich that got us into this economic downturn to begin with. I suppose you can’t blame these rich people who want to keep all their money and pay less taxes than anyone else, even if it does have a terrible effect on the economy.

  4. Submitted by Thomas Swift on 10/06/2010 - 09:26 am.

    Say, Hiram?

    This ad is from MN Forward. It is aimed against Emmers opponent. It’s backing away in Bizarro world.

    It may be Target’s doing though since their stock and profits are up quite nicely.

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