Republicans file complaint on PAC donation

Leaders of the Republican Party of Minnesota claim a donation to  the liberal Win Minnesota Political Action Fund wasn’t properly reported and violated state campaign finance laws.

They say an August donation of $60,000 from the 2010 Working America Minn. Political Fund to Win Minnesota was not reported.

“It is clear that Win Minnesota Political Action Fund failed to comply with this requirement of Minnesota Campaign Finance Law and should be held accountable for their actions,” said a letter to the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board from Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Tony Sutton and Deputy Chairman Michael Brodkorb.

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  1. Submitted by Shirley Gallagher on 10/23/2010 - 03:13 pm.

    The Republicans file complaint on Pac donation.
    Republican’s no one believes you, there is 0 comments.
    I just want you to know, if you start filing complaint against people. American’s votes not sales, will file a complaint against Republican’s pac. 527-501 America Crossroad, Charles and David Koch, Steve Forbes, and Rupert Mudoch, just to name a few.

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