Solar trash cans coming to Duluth’s lakewalk

Solar-powered trash cans and recycling units will soon show up on Duluth’s Lakewalk.

Solar-powered? Really?

Northland’s Newscenter reports that the city got a $41,000 grant from the state Department of Natural Resources Solar Legacy Grant Fund to install the units, which use solar power to compact trash, allowing each container to hold up to 5 times as much as traditional trash cans. And they say a solar unit use as much energy as one Christmas tree light.

The Duluth News Tribune says there’ll be 20 containers — 10 trash and 10 recycling — and will replace some of the Lakewalk’s 40 traditional cans.

And when they’re full, the high-tech trash bins will send a wireless message to city workers that it’s emptying time.

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Comments (2)

  1. Submitted by Mohammed Ali Bin Shah on 10/02/2010 - 09:30 am.

    $2000 pr trash can. That is what I call wise government spending.

  2. Submitted by Michael Zalar on 10/04/2010 - 12:57 am.

    “$2000 pr trash can. That is what I call wise government spending.”

    But it will certainly save time and money, especially as the Lakewalk area is not easily accessible by traditional means. I admit to pulling a number out of my backside on this, but if each can lowers expenses by as little as $10.00 per week (which I do not think as unreasonable), the cans will pay themselves off within 4 years, and then the government will start saving money.
    If the cans have a useful life of say ten years, then the savings would be about $3200.00 per can or $64,000.00 overall.
    Obviously I dont have all the figures – the savings could be more, or could be far less once all it counted. But it does show that simplistic statements like those by Mr. Shah are, well, awfully simplistic.

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