St. Cloud paper endorses challenger Clark in the 6th, but it’s never supported Bachmann for Congress

The St. Cloud Times has endorsed Tarryl Clark in her bid to unseat U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann in the 6th District, saying Bachmann has “refined an age-old political recipe: mix equal parts of fear and blame that raise your personal profile yet yield only sound bites, not solutions.”

Coming from the largest newspaper based in the district, that might seem like a potent support of Clark, a DFL state senator seeking to beat the two-term Republican incumbent.

But two years ago, the St. Cloud paper endorsed DFL challenger Elwyn Tinklenberg, who went on to lose by about 3 points.

And in 2006, the paper endorsed Patty Wetterling, but Bachmann easily beat her and the Independence Party’s John Binkowski to win her first term in Congress.

But that isn’t stopping the paper from trying. It’s Sunday editorial endorsement concludes:

“…Look districtwide and we challenge you to find something — anything — that Bachmann has helped achieve or a cause she has helped advance. Much like her legislative ideas, we see nothing of substance.

“In fact, these past four years renew our appreciation for House representation that provided this area with voices like Collin Peterson and Mark Kennedy. Sure, they have their partisan allegiances, but they realized when it was time to set those aside and do what was best for the district, not themselves.

“Residents of the 6th District deserve a return to that philosophy. Clark is the person to provide it because in four years, Bachmann has proved she is incapable of such efforts.”

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Comments (2)

  1. Submitted by Brian Simon on 10/18/2010 - 11:18 am.

    In Saturday’s Strib, I think, there was an article on the NPS’s veto/cancellation of the bridge over the St Croix. The article mentioned that Rep Bachmann has introduced legislation to move the process forward, but that she’d acquired no cosponsors & the bill is stalled in committee.

    I would think the Clark campaign would pick this up & run with it. How on earth is it that a congressperson who’s district adjoins that of the House transportation committee chair can’t manage to find a cosponsor to get an infrastructure project moving? Not even from the Rep on the other side of the river?

  2. Submitted by Jeremy Powers on 10/18/2010 - 11:46 am.

    One of the reasons Rep. Michele Bachmann gets away with stuff in Minnesota’s Sixth District is a lack of media. The Saint Cloud Times is fine — but it’s really the only daily newspaper in the whole district and it’s all the way to one side. That and both the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press are essentially afraid of Bachmann, the only coverage she gets is on the national basis. Both the Strib and PiPress should be ashamed that she blew on Obama on Hardball two years ago when she had been saying the exact same thing on the campaign trail in her own district and NO ONE covered it.

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