Dec. 14 is earliest we might know next guv; what if we lived somewhere else in RecountLand?

The State Canvassing Board’s full schedule was just released and, if all goes as planned, the five-person panel won’t be able to certify the next governor’s victory until Dec. 14.

More details on that below, but we wanted to toss out yet another fascinating recount geek factoid …

In 2009, Secretary of State Mark Ritchie and lots of others supported legislation to reduce the recount threshold from one-half of 1 percent of votes counted to one-quarter of 1 percent.

The theory is that voting machines these days are super-accurate, and that 0.005 level is simply too wide a margin. 

The recount portion of the legislation was removed in conference committee while the rest of an omnibus election reform bill passed with bipartisan support, but Gov. Tim Pawlenty vetoed it.

Just imagine …

If we were living in a 0.0025 world today and not a 0.005 world, Mark Dayton’s lead over Tom Emmer would only have to be 5,267 votes, not the 10,535 that’s needed, to burst out of the recount zone.

Right now, according to the Secretary of State Office’s website, Dayton unofficially leads Emmer by 8,753 votes, as of 11:30 a.m.

Of course, many states don’t have automatic hand recounts and some — such as Arizona, North Dakota and Ohio — use that 0.0025 level. Oregon is at 0.002 — or one-fifth of 1percent.

Others, such as Connecticut and Michigan, have a basic 2,000-vote margin to trigger a recount.

If you want to get deep into such weeds, go to the extremely informative and detailed Citizens for Election Integrity site. You can play with it and find out all sorts of esoteric stuff about recounts.

Meanwhile, Ritchie’s office announced today a full Canvassing Board and recount schedule.

Nov. 23: First board meeting, Room 10, State Office Building, 10 a.m. 

Nov. 29: 9 a.m., recount begins across the state

Dec. 7: Recount deadline

Dec. 8-10: Canvassing board meets on all matters, including other recounts in legislative races, challenged ballots, etc.

Dec. 14: Canvassing board certifies governor’s race.

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