Dick Day says election good for ‘racino’ chances

Former Sen. Dick Day, who is now a lobbyist for interests seeking to gain a state-backed casino at two state horse-racing tracks, sent an email to supporters of the gambling cause claiming that 39 of the 45 incumbents who cast pro-racino votes on the House or Senate floors during 2009-2010 won re-election Tuesday. 

“It appears that Minnesotans are serious about voting for candidates who support the racino concept,” Day wrote Wednesday.

Racino advocates, under a lobbying organization called RacinoNow plan to take advantage of the state’s budget woes by promoting a full-fledged casino at Canterbury Park in Shakopee and Running Aces in Columbus.

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  1. Submitted by Bernice Vetsch on 11/06/2010 - 03:09 pm.

    Racinos, like the lottery, are a voluntary tax on those among the poor who seek, most of the time in vain, for a windfall that would wipe out their monetary problems.

    Besides, wouldn’t the money spent on racinos mean that a like amount would NOT be spent in the casinos operated by the Native American tribes?

    Bad idea, Mr. Day.

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