Eskola on TPT tonight, covering Emmer and GOP

Eric Eskola, the longtime voice of election-night coverage on WCCO Radio, is working for Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) tonight. He’ll be covering Tom Emmer and the rest of the Republicans at their election-night event at the Sheraton in Bloomington.

When Eskola accepted a buyout and left his post at the radio station last spring, there had been thought that he’d return as WCCO’s host of election-night coverage. But Eskola said that had he returned to his old post tonight, he would have paid a year’s worth of union dues.

Eskola, as well grounded in state politics as any journalist in Minnesota, had been broadcasting on election night since 1972, when he was a reporter in Duluth. He’d been reporting on election results at ‘CCO since 1980.

Dave Lee will be given the job of filling Eskola’s large shoes at WCCO tonight. 

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