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Gallup Poll on GOP hopefuls has Pawlenty at 4 percent

A new Gallup Poll today looking at support for Republican presidential hopefuls shows no candidate has a strong early lead, and Gov. Tim Pawlenty is tied for sixth with 4 percent.

The results:

  • Mitt Romney    19
  • Sarah Palin      16
  • Mike Huckabee 16
  • Newt Gingrich  13
  • Ron Paul           6
  • Tim Pawlenty    4
  • Haley Barbour   4
  • John Thune       2
  • Mike Pence       1
  • Rick Santorum  1
  • Mitch Daniels    1
  • Gary Johnson    1

Republican and Republican-leaning independents were read a list of the candidates and asked which one they’d most likely support for the Republican nomination.

With conservative Republicans, Pawlenty polled at 4 percent, and with moderate/liberal Republicans, he was at 3 percent.

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