GOP complains about jammed machines and overflowing side compartments

The Minnesota GOP has complained to Secretary of State Mark Ritchie about what Republican Party chairman Tony Sutton is calling an “unusually high number” of jammed voting machines, and also instances of the side collection bins of the voting machines overflowing.

The party’s lawyer, Tony Trimble, has asked Ritchie’s office to develop a procedure to secure the ballots that have been overflowing on the sides of machines. The ballots are placed there after they jam in the electronic machines that suck in the paper ballots. When they jam, the ballots are set into the side bins and are to be hand-counted by election officials from competing parties at the end of voting tonight.

Sutton evoked the close nature of the 2008 election in expressing concern.

In letter to Ritchie, the GOP cited eight problematic precincts. [See PDF.]

But, during a conference call with journalists this afternoon, the reporter from the Associated Press said the wire service had checked on three of the alleged problem precincts, and election judges there said there were no ongoing issues.

In response to a question, Sutton said his complaint was not a prelude to any voter fraud allegations once the election is over.

Ritchie is up for re-election today and has been a prime target of the GOP.

We’re awaiting a response from Ritchie’s office, as is the GOP.

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  1. Submitted by Bill Coleman on 11/02/2010 - 04:17 pm.

    The GOP claims to favor small, local government that is free of bureaucracy and close to the people. Why is it then, that they always attack these local election officials? Don’t you think if these bins were “overflowing”, that the folks wouldn’t walk over and take care of the problem? I have faith in our local election officials especially when there are people from each party as election judges.

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