Pawlenty op-ed on Obamacare repeal runs in San Diego

Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s writing machine has been busy and productive, landing a second op-ed piece this week in a large national newspaper.

Today, his piece in the San Diego Union-Tribune calls for repeal of the new health care laws, or, “Obamacare,” as the governor likes to call it.

He writes:

After a historic election reflecting six in ten voters wanting to repeal Obamacare, the question now facing conservatives is how.

As long as President Barack Obama holds his veto pen, undoing this misguided piece of legislation will not be easy. But we can make progress. While Congress takes important steps toward eventual repeal, governors can use their authority to stop or delay implementation of Obamacare. It must be fought not only in Washington but in state capitols.

Pawlenty is in San Diego this week for a meeting of the Republican Governors Association.

On Sunday, Pawlenty had an op-ed piece in the Manchester, N.H., Union Leader, talking about overspending in Washington:

One of the key lessons from this year’s historic elections is that Americans understand that nothing is truly free. It’s a basic, common-sense principle. The broad message was that as a nation, we cannot endlessly spend money we don’t have, pretending that somehow the bill will magically disappear.

Although he hasn’t officially declared a presidential bid, Pawlenty has been to New Hampshire four times recently, apparently in preparation for the state’s early and influential primary.

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