Pawlenty will stay on if recount not resolved by Jan. 3

Gov. Tim Pawlenty said today he’s willing to stay on as governor past the end of his term if there is a recount in the governor’s race that prevents a new governor from being sworn in by the time Pawlenty’s term expires Jan. 3.

In a statement he said:

“The hard work and participation of so many Minnesotans leading up to and throughout yesterday’s election affirms Minnesota’s civic mindedness. While questions remain about the outcome of several contests, there is a process in place to provide the people of Minnesota with a final result as quickly as fairness and the law allows.

“My administration is fully committed and prepared to accomplish the swift and orderly transition to the next governor as soon as a final determination is made. As required by Article V of the Minnesota Constitution, I will continue to serve as Governor until a new governor takes the oath.”

That section of the state Constitution says:

The term of office for the governor and lieutenant governor is four years and until a successor is chosen and qualified.

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