To prepare for recounts, check out this database

Pundits and polls suggest potential recounts exist in Colorado, Nevada, Alaska, Washington state and Illinois … to name a few.

So, the folks at Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota (CEIMN) have put together a nifty database to check out all the recount laws and procedures nationwide.

While you’re watching the election results tonight here or on other screens, this could make for some detailed, wonky reading.

“The most significant thing we learned is that recount laws are in a dismal state,” CEIMN Director Mark Halvorson said in a release.  

Halvorson said only five states require a manual count of paper ballots for all of their recounts, and many jurisdictions have no voter verified paper record for their primary voting system, including Nevada where Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s race might tumble into a recount.  

In addition, two states don’t have recount laws at all.

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