Randy Moss food tirade spurs texts to recipients’ relative in Dayton campaign

There’s a relative connection between the Dayton campaign and the departure of Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss.

It turns out that Moss was in the midst of a long meltdown, which started at least on Friday when the Vikings’ receiver had a tirade in the team’s locker room regarding food that had been brought in by a caterer.

Back up a moment: Each Friday, a different restaurant/caterer brings in a spread for the team. On Friday, Tinuccis Restaurant, a long popular Newport restaurant, had what is considered the honor of serving the Vikes. According to reports, all of the players seemed pleased with the spread that included chicken, ribs and prime rib, except for Moss, who loudly and longly complained about the repast, while the Tinuccis stood by horrified.

Now, the tie-in: Katie Tinucci, who is communications director for the Dayton campaign, is the daughter of one of the owners and the niece of another. On election day, she was receiving texts from friends regarding Moss. She said, by the way, she told her father and uncle that they should consider the source of the criticism.

It should be noted that the food outburst was only one, small example of the Moss behavior that led to the decision to release him.  Performance issues and insubordination became far greater issues.

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