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Tom Emmer to Tafoya: I’m in charge of recount decisions

Tom Emmer, in his first post-election interview Thursday, asserted that he’ll make the decisions on the recount and take whatever actions are needed when it’s finished.

The Republican gubernatorial candidate, who trails DFL candidate Mark Dayton substantially in the vote count, also said he won’t seek unreasonable delays. He seemed to emphasize that state party officials aren’t calling the shots.

The interview was with WCCO-AM’s Michele Tafoya, who noted at the top of the show that she’d contributed to Emmer’s campaign. (CBS apparently does not have a policy against it, unlike MSNBC, with the Keith Olbermann flap.)

Said Emmer: “I’m in charge.”

He also said: “Anybody who would talk now about just using the process for delay or some other — I think that’s entirely improper and I wouldn’t be part of it. So they can talk all they want, that’s not what we’re going to do.”

The recount isn’t his idea — it’s required by state law because of the close outcome, he emphasized.

The Star Tribune said Emmer’s mention of possible Election Day irregularities doesn’t fly with DFLers:

“You’ve got machine malfunctions in unusual numbers all over this state,” Emmer said. “You’ve got ballots that are apparently not secured at some point in time. You’ve got questions in Hennepin County where there were 200,000 ballots that were double counted. These questions need to be addressed and they will.”

Noted the paper:

Denise Cardinal, spokester for Dayton’s camp, retorted that the Hennepin County glitch was “found and fixed in less than an hour — and since then, the canvassing of Hennepin county found there to be no systematic issues.” She said the unsecured ballots claim is “unsubstantiated” and the machine malfunction comment “undermine[s] an election system that has proven itself time and again.”

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