Day Four recount data: Dayton lead up, challenges steady, work almost done

Based on data from the Secretary of State’s Office and the Mark Dayton campaign, here’s what we know about where the recount stands as counting resumed in the two remaining counties — Hennepin and Ramsey — this morning:

• According to Dayton data collectors, the DFL candidate has gained a net of 291 votes since the statewide canvass of election machines tallies. Thus, the claim is that, when all is said and done, Dayton leads Rep. Tom Emmer by 9,061 votes heading into today’s State Canvassing Board meeting.

• The secretary of state’s website declares that more than 93 percent of the ballots have been recounted, with only Hennepin and Ramsey counties still active. That’s more than 97 percent of all the precincts statewide.

• While the Emmer side’s frivolous challenges seemed to slow late Thursday, his campaign still made 556 new frivolous challenges Thursday, according to Dayton data trackers. Dayton’s internal data shows that about 2,400 of the 3,100 frivolous challenges statewide have occurred in Hennepin County. Math-wise, that means other counties averaged about 9 per county versus the Hennepin storm of challenges.

• The Secretary of State’s Office lists 735 challenges to Dayton ballots by Emmer forces that were considered real and not frivolous by local election judges; the Dayton side has made 135 of those sorts of non-frivolous challenges.

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