Goals for new St. Paul education director: close achievement gap and improve out-of-school programs

Jane Eastwood, the city of St. Paul’s new education director, will work to close the achievement gap and continue to find new programs for students when they’re not in school.

Eastwood was named this week to succeed Vallay Varro, who left the city job (and her seat on the school board) to become executive director of the new education group, MinnCan.

Said Eastwood: “Learning is essential at any age, and I’m excited to help St. Paul provide the education and learning opportunities necessary to prepare our youngest for school, our youth for the workforce and our adults for all of life’s changes.”

She’s had a long track record in education and in St. Paul.

Most recently, she’s been vice president of advancement for Scholarship America. Eastwood has worked as director of external relations and partnerships for Hennepin County and Minneapolis Public Libraries, developing new programs in K-12, early literacy and adult/senior education, immigrant services and workforce development.

And she’d been vice president of marketing, communications and sales at the Science Museum of Minnesota, when the museum moved to its downtown riverfront location. She had been a project manager for the St. Paul Department of Planning and Economic Development in the mid-1980s and helped bring the U.S. Olympic Festival to the Twin Cities in 1990.

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  1. Submitted by Thomas Swift on 12/03/2010 - 03:26 pm.

    “Jane Eastwood, the city of St. Paul’s new education director…”

    Yet another useless, redundant position the Mayor protects while threatening to cut police and fire services.

    Honestly; I hope the next time Chris Coleman drags his tin cup to the Capital and starts squirting tears, that the Seargent at Arms is directed to show him the door by the scruff of his neck.

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