House DFL caucus, now in minority, announces staff

Some new faces fresh from Tarryl Clark’s campaign team and some DFL Capitol veterans will be the new House DFL Caucus senior staff.

Mike Charboneau will continue as executive director of caucus operations, in charge of legislative and floor strategy.

Kate Perushek, who previously worked for Rep. Paul Thissen as a committee administrator, will stay with him as executive assistant to the minority leader, Thissen’s new role.

Joanna Dornfeld, previously a committee administrator for the House Finance Committee, will be executive assistant to the caucus.

Zach Rodvold, who managed Clark’s congressional campaign against Michele Bachmann, will be director of legislative and caucus services. Rodvold had also been state director for Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

Carrie Lucking, who’s also worked for the Clark congressional campaign as communications director, will be director of public affairs. She’d been Thissen’s communications director in his early run for governor.

Among those no longer on board are Andrew Wittenborg, former director of public affairs, and Sean Rahn, legislative director to the speaker.

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