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No job offers extended yet by recount leader Mark Dayton

Despite rumors and speculation, Mark Dayton has not yet offered any jobs in a future Dayton administration, his transition team reports.

Although the numbers seem to show DFLer Dayton will be the next governor — with lots of commissioners, aides and board members to appoint — the State Canvassing Board hasn’t yet met, and there’s the pesky problem of a possible court challenge. So he’s holding off.

Dayton had said he hopes to narrow down his choices for commissioners in coming weeks, and his transition co-chairs Tina Smith and Lee Sheehy tried to set the record straight with an e-mail Monday:

“There are unsubstantiated and inaccurate rumors about “decisions” on appointments to agencies, boards, and commissions. In fact, no decisions have been made nor offers of appointment extended.

“At this stage, the mostly volunteer ‘transition team’ is reaching out widely to individuals and organizations, for their suggestions of people, who might want to serve in the major positions in a Dayton-Prettner Solon administration. Many other people have contacted us on their own initiatives.

“We have also established and done our best to publicize a website:, where anyone can obtain the information necessary to apply. Everyone who applies for a particular position will be given equal consideration.

“Currently, we are developing and reviewing lists of candidates. We will then conduct interviews before making final recommendations for candidates. No decisions have been made or commitments made to any candidates.

“We again invite you or anyone interested in these positions to apply, and to do so quickly.”

So it’s not too late to spruce up those resumes.

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