Recount’s over, but counties want GOP to pay for copies

During the recount that didn’t count, both sides in the governor’s race asked counties around the state to make thousands of copies — ASAP — to help in the effort.

They wanted copies of polling place rosters, Election Day registration cards, voter applications, information about all election judges and more, and they wanted them yesterday, says the Mankato Free Press.

Now that Republican candidate Tom Emmer has waived the recount and DFLer Mark Dayton has won the race, some counties are awaiting payment of those copying costs.

In Blue Earth County, Patty O’Connor, the elections director, told the paper: “I sent bills for $800, of which Dayton paid and Emmer did not. I have requested at least three times, where’s my payment, and they’ve responded to nothing.”

She said Emmer’s attorney now says to send the bill to the state Republican Party.

In Brown County, Auditor Marlin Helget said 70 to 80 hours went into the copying, resulting in an as-yet-unpaid bill to Emmer for $1,441. 

Watonwan County has been paid, because Auditor Don Kuhlman insisted on cash in advance. He offered to deliver the documents the next day if they handed him a check. With two copies made of 2,200 documents, the county produced more copies for the campaigns than it had voters (4,282). 

Le Sueur County waited for pre-payment until starting to collect and copy, but no money came before the recount was called off. “We never sent any documents because we never got anything from the Emmer campaign,” said election administrator Carol Blaschko.

Martin County stopped preparing documents when it became unclear whether the documents would still be wanted or paid for, the paper said.

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  1. Submitted by Hénock Gugsa on 12/13/2010 - 10:52 pm.

    I say send the bill to one person, and one person only. And that person is Mr. Tony Sutton, the face of indignation. He has to pay for all that harrumphing he was doing! 🙂

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