Jobs to Wisconsin? No worries — and a Twitter exchange

Wisconsin’s new governor, Scott Walker, is changing the signs that welcome visitors to his state.

They will soon say: “Open for Business.” They are meant as a message that his state’s tax policies will be more business-friendly — and as a jab at bordering states, such as Minnesota and Illinois.

The other day, though, Minnesota House Majority Leader Matt Dean and others engaged in a fun contest: What should signs leading into Minnesota say?

That exchange of sometimes funny Tweets, of course, took a partisan turn.

Among them: “Minnesota Stealing Your Quarterbacks and Girlfriends since 1858.

Welcome to the state where nothing is allowed.

Welcome to the state with the most Fortune 500 Companies per capita despite GOP effort.

“Welcome to Minnesota! Leave the beer, take the Keillor.”

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  1. Submitted by Roger Smith on 01/21/2011 - 03:46 pm.

    How about:

    Pay up, deadbeats.

    As they owe MN millions in the tax deal hammered out by the last governors of MN and WI, I think this would help highlight the differences between us and those cheeseheads.

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