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New Republican website goes after Amy Klobuchar

With Sen. Amy Klobuchar up for re-election next year, the Minnesota Republican Party has launched a new website offering what it calls "facts" about the first-term senator.

And playing to the Republican base, the site tries to link Klobuchar to fellow Minnesota Sen. Al Franken.

The "Amy Facts" site has pictures of Klobuchar and Franken and says she: "Votes In Lockstep With Al Franken 92% Of The Time."

And the site uses standard Republican Party phrasing to say she:

  • Voted For ObamaCare.
  • Voted For The Job-Destroying Cap & Tax Bill.
  • Supported Failed $800 Billion Obama "Stimulus."

In a statement announcing the site, the party's deputy chairman, Michael Brodkorb, said:

"Amy Klobuchar is no centrist. When it comes to raising taxes or increasing the national debt, Klobuchar always sides with Al Franken and national liberals like Harry Reid. Klobuchar promised the pork-filled $800 billion ‘stimulus’ would create jobs but unemployment has soared since its passage. Our new website puts an end to the myth of the moderate Amy Klobuchar."

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Comments (2)

A few questions:

Did Senator Klobuchar ever proclaim that she is a "centrist"?

Were any of her votes contrary to positions she took earlier; for example, did she ever promise to vote against cap and trade?

Do they really think the people of the state who give Senator Klobuchar such high approval ratings don't know these facts already?

If she truly were a "centrist," would the rightwingers who dominate the Republican Party in this state feel any better about her?

When is Michael Brodkorb going to grow up and do something productive with his life?

Michael Brodkorb was recently highlighted in the Star and Tribune about his dual roles as Republican Party deputy chair and Senate Republican Party communications director. A position paid for by state tax dollars to the tune of $94,000 a year.

For this person to be allowed a salary paid for by all citizens and then to be completely partisan is an outrage. Let us just ignore the hypocrisy of the "anti Govt" GOP. This clown has been a partisan hack from way back. He was a founder of MDE, Minnesota Democrats Exposed, an extreme right wing attack blog. Brodkorb had to distance himself from that blog due to a lawsuit. To have him now announce a new attack blog (supposedly he wears two hats completely independent of each other, i.e. impossible), means he should step down or be removed from his paid position.
Let us now talk about centrism or playing the middle. There is no anchor point upon which both sides oscillate. The current "center" was yesterday's conservative viewpoint. The right wing is constantly manipulating the definition of the center and what a centrist is. Yesterday's centrist is a left wing radical today. Someone at the Strib commented yesterday that they were a "confirmed centrist". I am not sure how much that costs or where to go for such confirmation. The person then went on to blather about how fair and balanced Katherine Kersten was so let us just leave it at that.