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Rob Hahn forming Reform Family Law Now group to seek change in child custody laws

Former Independence Party gubernatorial candidate Rob Hahn is expected to announce today that he has formed Reform Family Law Now, an organization that will seek to change child custody laws in Minnesota and other states.

A website — —  has been established.

Hahn wants the "legal presumption" in a divorce situation to be joint "50-50" custody arrangements. Hahn believes that fathers are often discriminated against in post-divorce custody battles.

Hahn is divorced and the father of two children. During his campaign to win the IP primarhy election against eventual standard bearer Tom Horner, the Star Tribune reported that Hahn's ex-wife filed a protection order against him that is still in force.

He has said he has "learned from my errors" and is qualified to lead such an effort.

In a release, Hahn states: "A key component of RFLNow's reform platform includes a plan to reduce incidents of domestic abuse during the divorce process. Currently, Minnesota requires most divorcing couples with children attend divorce classes. RFLNow wants any family law reform legislation to include a provision that would require couples take at least one of these classes within a month of filing for divorce and that the classes provide an in-depth examination of the emotions one might experience going through a divorce, how to deal with those feelings and how to avoid letting emotions turn into domestic violence."

Hahn has recently begun a blog for the Huffington Post.

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Comments (4)

Finally - someone who can help get this state to do the obvious thing for children - give them access to BOTH parents!

END the custody disparity that the radical feminists have propogated.

STOP the parental feuding that only serves the interests of the attorney$ (and the judge$) that is caused when mom gets a check and dad loses access to his own children!

STOP the welfare (child support with ZERO accountability for it's spending) for the middle class!

Bravo, Rob Hahn!

According to the Star Tribune article, this is what his ex-wife claims led to the restraining order:

"He pushed me against the wall and was screaming in my face," Hahn's then-wife wrote when seeking the protection order. "He took the phone and broke it and put me in a choke hold."

Hahn then broke a second phone when she tried to call for help, she wrote. The couple's two children, now ages 10 and 12, were home at the time.

When Hahn's ex-wife ran out of the home, she wrote that he yelled "You're [expletive] lucky I didn't kill you."

If Rob Hahn wants to change custody laws, he should stay as far away from the public eye as possible. Because anything a guy with his history tries to do will be counterproductive.


Unless you have a dog in this fight, which I anm guessing you don't, butt out.

It is fairly common knowledge that a woman can claim just about anything she wants to and obtain a restraining order.

That's another area of law that needs some serious scrutiny.

Forget about what his ex-wife says, let's look at Hahn's statement:

"Hahn described the incident that led to the court order as "a shove" on the night of March 3, 2009, as he was moving out of their St. Paul house. He said he was exhausted after returning home from Florida and strained from new tangles in their divorce negotiations. At a Capitol rally last March, Hahn described it as a "verbal row that, unfortunately, escalated into something a little more."

Maginnis, as someone who I would guess does have a dog in this fight, you should be condemning Hahn, not praising him. The last thing you want is a guy who has admitted to "shoving" his wife after an argument escalated being your advocate for fathers' rights. He does nothing but hurt your cause.