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Strict ‘no smoking’ policy now in effect at Southwest State

A strict no-smoking policy is now in effect at Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall: Starting this month, no tobacco use is permitted anywhere on property owned, operated or leased by the university.

SMSU President David Danahar said the change will “provide all students and employees on campus with a clean, safe and healthy learning and working environment,” reports the Marshall Independent.

Last year, the Minnesota State College and Universities system urged all of its 54 campuses to pitch the idea of a tobacco-free campus to students and staff. Some campuses now forbid smoking, while others have designated smoking areas.

Student reaction at SMSU is mixed, the paper said.

Freshman Samantha Abens said: “I like the new policy a lot. A lot of students come into class smelling like smoke, or they’d be smoking right by the door when you come in, so you smell like smoke, too. I like it way better.”

Erik Berdahl, an SMSU freshman who chews tobacco, said: “It sucks, but now I just have to go to a different place to do it because we can’t do it on campus. I’ve heard other complaints from people who chew, including some of my wrestling teammates. I’ve tried to stop (chewing), but it’s not easy.”

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  1. Submitted by Mohammed Ali Bin Shah on 01/12/2011 - 01:03 pm.

    Next on the banning agenda, in no particular order:

    Pop Tarts
    Soft Drinks
    Trans Fat
    Personal Responsibility.

  2. Submitted by Robert Moffitt on 01/13/2011 - 04:26 pm.

    You forgot snarky comments, Mr. Shah….

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