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Dayton to stress investment, innovation and education in noon State of the State speech

Investments, innovations, education and job growth will highlight Gov. Mark Dayton’s first State of the State speech, which is scheduled for noon Wednesday before a joint session of the Republican-controlled House and Senate.

Dayton won’t detail his plan to solve the state’s $6.2 billion budget deficit, press secretary Katherine Tinucci told MinnPost, but he will outline his “values and priorities” that will hint at where his budget is headed. The budget will be released next Tuesday.

Dayton, in office for barely a month, will talk about investing in infrastructure, in “investments to allow the private sector to grow jobs,” Tinucci said, and in ways to “build a better government.” On government efficiency issues, she said, Dayton is “not interested in maintaining the status quo.” That could interest GOP lawmakers.

In keeping with campaign promises and his recent unveiling of a seven-point plan for “Better Schools for a Better Minnesota,” Tinucci said, Dayton will talk about how education is his top priority.

Despite looking to the future, there will be one technological throwback — Dayton will read from good-old fashioned paper, rather than use a more video-friendly teleprompter.

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Comments (1)

Unless he carries a veto pen in his breast pocket
he will not get far with this legislature. They are rolling over the democrat minority in all areas so far in an almost manic way. Somebody
has to stand up for the little people quite soon.