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Bachmann has high 'positive intensity' rating in Gallup poll

A new Gallup Poll of Republicans around the country shows Congresswoman Michele Bachmann with a high "positive intensity" rating — the second highest among likely GOP presidential candidates.

Although pollsters said none of the candidates ranks very high in that category, Bachmann's 20 rating is second only to Mike Huckabee in the poll; former Gov. Tim Pawlenty is seventh, with a 15 rating.

Positive intensity is based on the difference between strongly favorable and strongly unfavorable opinions among those who are familiar with the candidate.

Bachmann's results show a 24 percent "strongly favorable" reaction and a 4 percent "strongly unfavorable."

Pawlenty's results seem to indicate that his nice-guy image is taking hold — he had 15 percent "strongly favorable" and 0 percent "strongly unfavorable."

Bachmann's name recognition came in at 52 percent, far behind Sarah Palin's 96 percent, Huckabee's 87 and Newt Gingrich at 85.

Pawlenty's name recognition: 41 percent.

Said the pollsters:

Candidates who ultimately decide to officially join the race will no doubt spend a good deal of this year crisscrossing the country attempting to make themselves better known to the GOP base. 

I think we've already seen some of that with our local hopefuls.

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